Your Internet Ally

Summer Office 2016 There are many ways you can use a domain name. More specifically, with the introduction of more and more new extensions, you have even more options to configure the domain names that will best serve your needs.

If you are still wondering how you can use your domain name, see some of the extremely useful features that exist.

Take control of your emails.
By registering a domain name, in combination with the use of a hosting service, you can maintain your own personal email, such as yourchoice @ or yourchoice @, depending on the extension you choose. This gives your emails more prestige and professionalism, and you have, at no cost, an e-mail address that never stops if you choose it. gives you the opportunity, together with your domain registration, to choose the corresponding Cloud Linux or Windows hosting service that meets your needs.

Create your resume and your personal portfolio online.
You can use your domain name to create a self-serving page on the internet, including service, interests, etc., in order to use it as your e-CV.

What you can do when you have more than one domain.
Do not worry if you have a lot of domain names and you do not know how to use them. An extremely useful tactic, which is followed and brings great results in marketing and advertising management, is keeping a basic .gr domain and several other extras that will redirect you to your basic address. New endings are added to an already extensive list so you can not use them and create even more paths that will point to your primary domain. More generally, the predominant perception is that "Never a domain name above is not lost!".

Register the domain of your choice and take advantage of all features