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To όνειρό σου μέσα από ένα domain You are starting to shape your online presence? Have you created a startup and want to find the domain name that will consolidate you in the market? See how your business profile can be changed or reconfigured.

Move smartly and use new extensions!
Popular domain names use classic extensions such as .com, and several companies are in the process of buying popular domain names for huge amounts, greatly increasing the cost of maintaining the domain. In addition, current trends in the field of marketing force businesses to maintain more than one domain names that are redirected to a key domain name. Think that you can claim a new extension, such as .click for just 5.50 € / year. Now think of a extension of the form for an e-shop with already underwear, two words summarize a series of meanings, communicating with incredible meditation!

Identify the market you want to apply.
When you try to find the right domain that meets your business goals, the market you want to address should be clearly identified. This way, you can configure your domain name, completely targeted to the market you want to attract. For example, if you want to contact the Greek market, do not hesitate to use the .gr extension addressed to the geographic area of Greece, which you can store at just 7.00 € / year from

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