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webisite vulnerabilities 70% of websites include vulnerabilities that can easily be used in malware attacks, which can generate enormous costs, with unpredictable and multilevel effects many times. At surveys that conducted in recent years, we can see some key aspects that make even modern systems vulnerable to malicious actions.

The overriding idea, which demonstrates a steep increase in vulnerabilities in individual controls, in highly popular technologies.

vulnerabilities statistics

Vulnerabilities in Javascript Libraries.
The use of javascript is an ambiguous element in today's technology community, and it is used in a variety of applications, resolving the hands of developers by providing many possibilities. However, many of the libraries used in javascript are vulnerable.
Javascript libraries

Most of these problems are caused by older libraries that used earlier versions of jQuery. Therefore, a good tactic is always to use the latest version of the language, in order to reduce these vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities in WordPress
WordPress is now being used in 59% of CMS (Content Management Systems) systems on the Internet. This popularity puts it in the spotlight, being the target of many malicious actions.

Wordpress vulnerabilities>

In this case the appearance of WordPress security vulnerabilities is directly related to whether the current version is used or not. However, having to deal with compatibility problems with older plugins and themes, around 13% of the systems that have not been upgraded, just over the last year, the whole process gets more complex.

Do not use "weak" passwords.
Password vulnerabilities

The way we handle the passwords of a system, how often do we change them and where we save them in case we can not memorize them, are reasons that can create vulnerabilities in the systems.

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