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Today's situation makes necessary the web browsing to be secure, broader communication channel in order to avoid creating security gaps and preventing malicious actions. The use of https on the entire internet contribute to ensure the secure communication to login pages or shopping carts websites.

It extends to all sections which a website uses, along with the subpages, in order to form a single encrypted communication environment and make the internet world safer.


As internet usage becomes even more intense, the more information is being transfered and the more intense the attacks of malware are. Organizations around the world who are committed to ensuring the integrity, privacy and reliability of information transfered daily through the internet are in a constant alert to deal with a variety of dangers developed by the below axes.

Non safe wireless networks (Wifi) and cookies are everywhere and can be used with great ease for the interception of confidential information and person data.

Governments and organizations are pushing for a secure communication channel.

A small leak of information may cause enormous repercussions or even ruin the business activities of a company or organization.

From 2014, Google's search engine raises all website with SSL certification to its organic results, aiming to create a secure internet network. has embraces this concept since its inception in 2010 and uses the https mark, at the url to all subpages of its website in order to provide high quality services and a trusted environment.

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