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Choosing the right SSL certificate to meet the needs is not an easy task. With Let's Encrypt, the first domain validation certificate offered for free, the question of the best choice between a free SSL and a paid certificate is created.

The answer to this question comes when we think about your website needs and the significance of the object for which we want to use the SSL certificate. We have said all the features of the Free SSL Certification, Let's Encrypt, but when it is time to decide on the most domain validation certificate that meets our needs better, there are many more factors apart from the budget we have. The following table summarizes some of the basic differences between Let's Encrypt and the rest of the certificates that will help you make the best choice for you.

Let's Encrypt Paid certificates
It is free of charge.There is a purchase cost.
Automatically renews every 90 days. Renewed every year, manually.
Does not offer Site seal. Static or Dynamic Site seal.
Only available for domain validation. There are certificates for domain, organization, or extended validation.
Ideal choice for very simple web pages. Large organizations should prefer extended or organization validation
It is supported by large global companies such as facebook, shopify etc. Most certificates are issued by companies that are trustworthy all over the world and have proven their quality and closeness over the years, for example Symantec, Thawte, Comonto, etc.
Does not provide a warranty. A $ 10,000 guarantee is provided for the corresponding domain validation certificates, certifying and confirming the quality of the certification. offers you the ability to choose from a wide range of SSL certificates for domain, organization or extended validation, at the best market prices.

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