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Πέντε κανόνες από το The success of a website depends on a variety of factors taken place from both the first stages of website's construction and the subsequent stages after its creation. An important role is played by its response to user actions and the general experience it offers to visitors.

ΠBelow are five basic steps that shape the best background in order to give your visitor a great browsing experience. Check how you website responds and try to offer the best experience to your visitors.

Choose the right domain name

The domain name defines the address that will characterize your website and its choice is extremely important. If it is business that already exists, the domain name will be the name of the company or organization, and if it is a new e-shop, blog or website, you should look for a domain name which will represent your company's goals.

Load speed

Researches have shown that the speed which a website has on the internet is very important in its survival. Think about whether you could continue navigating a website, if you having long delays in loading pages. The feelings that are created in this case are the irritation and the disappointment and you may go to another website.


It's also another important factor for your website. The presentation of all subcategories must be done in a very easy and understandable way to the user in order to find the information he is looking for quickly and simply. It is an extremely important factor, which determining the success of a website.

Search engines

The search of information when we do not know one url, become through the well-known search engines. Any corporate website that is interested in distributing its content (products, services, etc.) to the internet is necessary to appear on search engines, and even more important is to have a good ranking.

Update and fresh content

The website or an e-shop of a business or an organization and the way it is formed is its image in the world wide web. The content of a website must be enriched and updated as often as it is can in order to display the existing image of the company or the organization. For this reason, do not forget to update your website's content at regular intervals, as well as promote interactive content that somehow make stronger the communication with your visitor, such as contests, business news or even general content abobut your company, seasonal offers when we speak for an e-shop etc.

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