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cybersecurity-month.png We are on the European Month of internet Security and it is an excellent opportunity to be informed about the dangers we are exposed to when we are on the Internet, who are numerous and sometimes lurking in the most unpredictable spots!

The problem of Internet security is becoming more intense in recent years and it is all about everyone. Especially now that much of the day-to-day activities are now online, offering in most cases greater convenience and saving valuable time for other activities.

A typical example is online shopping! The traditional way of making purchases is increasingly abandoned, giving physical presence to a store, while more and more people are becoming more familiar with and buying online. In such cases, the reliability and validity of transactions should always be ensured in order to ensure the safe passage of sensitive information, such as bank accounts and personal account or credit card codes.

Be informed and protect yourself!

In the case that you are in the category of those who manage an online store, setting up a secure communication network and securing your customers are crucial for the reliability and the resonance of your e-shop, both in terms of popularity but and by extension sales! Check out our previous article and learn that you need to know how to configure the best security environment in your online store!

Internet security, however, is a matter of concern to all, and as part of a world-wide interconnected community that is experiencing rapid technological evolution, the least we can do is to become aware of developments and to know the dangers behind they.

Click on the image below, do the quiz and get informed about everything you do not know about the dangers on the internet!

cyber security quiz

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