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domain-names.png Renewing your domain is a very important thing. It is always advisable to ensure the timely renewal of the service at least two to three days before its expiration, nevertheless see the most common mistakes that occur every day.

The expiration of the domain is near and it gets either panic because you do not know anything about managing it or you are indifferent to the notifications you receive and you have to act immediately!

Check out some of the most common reasons for not updating a domain...

Dissatisfaction with whether or not to relinquish their domain.
A domain above is never a burden! See how many ways you can use your domain. See how many ways you can use your domain.

The person who was responsible for managing the domain was removed or left the company and his e-mail is no longer used.
Do not forget to forward your emails to a logistics you manage to keep up to date on your domain status, and even better to post your own personal email from the beginning to all your domains in order to you have control in every case!

Do not track the emails for the expiration of the domain because of spamming.
Do not forget to check your unwanted mail.

The domain owner forgets to promote the Whois e-mail, in an e-mail message he is watching!
Make sure you do all the actions that are relevant to your domain while it is being protected.

Do not auto-refresh enabled.
Auto Refresh is always enabled through the control panel, if you disable it, you will not receive notifications about renewing your domain.

Automatic renewal is turned on and there is no corresponding balance on the connected card.
Buy INNOVIEW Credits, which you can use in any way you like and will always be available to renew your services.

There is always reason to renew a domain! informs its clients to renew their services at all times as the cost of keeping them in the majority of cases is too small, while the non-use of a suitable domain, can have devastating effects even for an entire project. In addition, it is always recommended to maintain more than one domain for your business or organization that can be used to redirect to the primary domain.

When it's time to make your payment, makes it easier for you, enabling you to choose which payment method best suits you! Get informed!

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