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dedicated-ip.jpg Everything you need to know about when it's best to use a dedicated ip for your website or e-mail, what is a dedicated ip, and what results it can do if you do not use it on your website. A dedicated ip, as dictated by the word, refers to a unique ip that refers to a particular customer account (website or / and e-mail service).

Greater stability!

If the site has a dedicated ip, it can easily be protected from malicious actions that occur every day if it is hosted and shares the same server with other sites. In particular, it can be protected from actions such as becoming blacklisted by the ip server, because some of the websites hosted became a victim of chaos! In other words, a dedicated ip will give you complete control over your website!

Even more guaranteed access to your website!

Using dedicated ip, access to the server will be secured directly and always without having to change your DNS Zone.

Proximity and solvency in sending emails!

A typical example is the fact that your email service will work properly, even if the server's ip is blocked due to Event Spamming.

Contributes positively to the identity of a business!

For example, if you manage an online store, you want to give customers a safe environment to make purchases and payments. One way to do this is to have an SSL certificate in your e-shop and use a dedicated ip while at the same time improving your search engine optimization (SEO).

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