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Γιατί να αγοράσετε πολλαπλά domain names! In our times everything is changing, even the way we could earn extra money. Many are those who, for an additional income, are engaged in real estate sales, insurance, etc. which we have almost all heard. What we really need is to increase value due to scarcity to make more profit over time.

What we really need is to increase value due to scarcity to make more profit over time. The sector that is really deficient now is that of domain names. Big is the number of domain names that are registered daily, but few are easy, which has the effect of increasing their value.

Companies search for the domain they will buy according to searches made on different machines (eg Google) as well as the value that will be given to their business through it. The choice will be made from an identifiable tld such as .gr or even a tld that refers to the business property eg.,, The purchase will cost us an amount today, which in three years can be returned to us 300 times or 600 times its value

Our domain name purchase could be the inheritance for our children or grandchildren. Surveys show that there are a lot of people who would like to turn back time so they can, for example, buy a three-letter domain. Let's take as an example, which was sold for $ 1,395 in 2004, 10 years later in 2014, is sold for $ 400,000. Taking a look at the research carried out there are several examples of profitable domain sales.

In order to be constructive the investment of the domain purchase we need to learn the process. It does not matter if the purchase is made with € 5 or € 5,000 but we gain experience in the method so that it is efficient and gives us the maximum possible profit.

Get informed about the domains you can register through to make one of your best investments.