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2factor The security of our online transactions, our social media profiles and the accounts we create on various websites are based on the use of passwords. This method has been developed in the 1960s and is the most popular and unsafe now.

The above method is unsafe as users choose passwords that are predictable which makes them vulnerable to malicious actions. See our article on creating strong codes at the first level. The development of technology as well as the need to secure our personal data on the internet has the effect of creating new authentication mechanisms to ensure both safety and ease of use at the highest possible level.

That kind of mechanism is also the Two-factor Authentication . This mechanism generates every sixty six-digit random numbers every 30 seconds to provide the highest level of security in our electronic accounts. We all own smartphones where this application can be installed. It is simple to operate and you can generate random codes on any account you have chosen. When you want to sign in an account you will enter your username and password and a third box will be created where you will enter the 6-digit code. So something we know which is the password and we have which is the Two-factor Authentication with this combination ensuring non-malicious access in the most optimal and easy way.

Prevention is the best protection of your codes!

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