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Newsletter The newsletter is a very good advertisement for your company and your products. You can just create a newsletter from our in Newsletter application. Below we will see why the's inNewsletter should be your choice from the rest of the market tools.

The inNewsletter of features:

  Create and send email

You can create and send emails according to your needs and goals simply by using the email creation wizard (drag and drop interface included).

  Campaigns creation

With this option through the application, the work you need to do in campaign planning is minimized so you can save time and money.

 Email Templates

There are many professional and functional email templates as well as you can design your own easily and quickly.

  E-mail delivery

The service is designed to achieve the maximum email delivery rate.

  Automatic Answers

It is possible to create automatic replies for your lists.

  Grouping Lists & Contacts

You can group your contact lists so they can be easily managed and effective. It also recognizes the contacts to avoid duplicate sending even if there is twice the e-mail in different lists.

  Reports & Statistics

Detailed reports and statistics to help you analyze your contacts and campaigns.

Select inNewsletter from and advertise simply and economically!

The comparison made with other tool news providers gives the following conclusions:

  It is much more expensive

  They do not include a drag and drop interface to create email

  Some serve specific professions

  App testing is not provided by all

  Contacts are not separated from the lists  ((if a contact is in two lists it will receive the newsletter twice)

See packages offered by and use the trial package for free