Your Internet Ally

Website Every day hundreds of visits are made to various websites and eshops. Research is beeing done to test the parameters that attract visitors. Their purpose is for each website owner to know what to watch in order to achieve maximum number of visitors.

Below we will analyze some basic elements, which each website owner has to pay attention:

  Prevention is the best treatment
This particular applies to the online presence of your company, if the image that comes out is not good then a big part of your reputation is weakening. The information contained must be completed and comprehensible.

  Immediate solution of problem
If it is not possible to prevent the problem, the resolution response should be immediate. As long as the problem is small, it is easier to deal with and if it is solved immediatly, its impact may not be perceived by visitors to your site.

  Build the reliabilitily of your website
  • Use SSL certificate on your website.
  • Send newsletter.
  • Renew your domain name for extra years as it is the product of your online image.

  The website never "closes"
A physical store has a working schedule, the website with the online store is open continuously. It is a loss of money when it is delayed or does not work at all.

  The response of the website must be immediate
The website that is quicker will have more visitors than those that is slow. See by yourself if you would stay in one website that has a response rate of 50 seconds or that of 2 seconds? Also, Google ranks higher websites according to their speed. When the performance of your website is not as user-friendly as possible, users can instantly share it through social media networks.

  Choose one of the hosting services for your website in order to have fast speeds and stable availability.  

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