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Ημέρα Προσωπικών ΔεδομένωνThe use of our personal sensitive data is growing every day. Their use at socail media networks are daily as well as in online reservations. Their protection is the right of all, 28 January is the European Day of Personal Data.

The collection of personal data should be done under strict conditions and for legitimate purposes in accordance with European law. Also, those organizations or individuals are required to respect and protect the personal data, which they collect and manage. Large amounts of personal data are transmitted daily to every corner of the Earth. The reason for introducing the European Day of Personal Data is to inform users about the sensitivity of the issue of personal data. In our era, where everything is changing and everything is questioning the protect of our data should be a rule.

The need to protect our personal data is extremely important with the development of the Internet and the continued introduction of new services. Whether we know it or not, our data processing is continuous. The point at which we have to pay particular attention is where we give our consent to use our data. In essence, the user's consent to the processing of the data should be stated directly or indirectly by the user. It is also a prerequisite to have information about who is asking for data processing, why he wants to use them, what data he needs and who will take them. An exception, of course, is the case where the processing of data is required by law.

  Privacy is valuable, protect your privacy.  

You should make sure that the websites you visit and give your personal data use a steps of specific procedures to avoid their malicious respects your personal data and reserves all the conditions so that no disclosure is made to other people, as well as has the latest encryption and security certification methods to ensure safe navigation and transactions on our site.'s sensitivity and social responsibility for safety issues have the effect of supporting organizations related to the protection and security of children and teenagers on the internet.