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Web Application Firewalls (WAF)In the late 1980s, firewalls appeared. Their purpose was to improve business security. Through the past of the time has resulted in the development of technology and the appearance of new threats, so we went to Web Application Firewalls(WAF).

What are Web Application Firewalls(WAF)? In the 1990s WAF were built, which were a new type of firewall, initially the purpose of creating them was to deal with threats beyond those of traditional firewalls. Dangerous threats were through the use of unauthorized protocol, where the attack was done on the application or on the infrastructure and not on the protocol itself. The threat of this attack is perceived as hackers could attack through certified protocols and steal system information bypassing the classic firewalls.

The way to implement the WAF application is to install it on web servers or write it in the application code. Increased performance and several parameterization are one of the benefits of this implementation. has enabled the WAF application on its hosting services in order to provide maximum security to your websites. Through this way you ensure your website's reputation for your visitors as the chances of malicious actions are greatly reduced.

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The reason why it is usefull to have WAF enabled on web servers is because hackers choose to attack them. Attacking web servers is done because they are given the ability to import malware and through this way they spread it. The choice of hackers is because:

  They are more powerful than personal computers.
  Attack is done from one point and not from multiple computers.
  Attacks are more effective as the internet connection is faster.
  They are connected continuously, as a simple user close his computer at night.
  They are connected to IP addresses of public networks.

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