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Website We are at an era when everything can be found on the internet, from information up to various products to buy. Nowadays, everyone start to have an online profile either for their company or their profession in order to have an online presence.

In a previous article we mentioned some basic elements to be taken care of by each website owner and an online store. Below we will see additional data so that we can have the best online presence.

  Users want an instant response from the website
The response that users want from the website they visit is two (2) seconds or even less. If the response is greater they will probably leave the website. A large percentage of them will report having a problem with a friend or friend and will not return to it.
Some things you could do to improve speed are:

  • Optimize the images of your website.
  • Have a cache on your website.
  • Do not use many redirects as the browser is confused.

  Time is money
This particular ad fits perfectly in this case as when a website is slow is a waste of money, espacially when it doeas not work well at all.

  Using SSL certificate ranked the website high on search engines
No one want to share personal data, like credit card details, let alone with a hacker. Google understands this and thus gives an advantage to websites that have an installed SSL certificate.

  There must always be a backup
According to Murphy's low "Everything can go wrong, it will go" so it's a matter of time for something happen at your website. What can happened is to stop the computer from running or to infect the website or to erase a file by mistake. In order to fix immediately anything there must be a backup.

  The website and domain name must belong to you
Having a temporary downtime of the website is a loss of money, the loss of the entire web site or domain name is a disaster. Both for the domain name and for the website must be the owner so you can have control.

  Keep track of your website and be 100% sure that you are the only owner!   

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