Your Internet Ally

More and more websites are being created daily. Online promoting is one of the most popular ways of advertising, nowadays. Most people who want to build a website in order to promote their company have no technical knowledge, so they can turn to wrong people.

Such individuals are trying to make profit from this ignorance. One example is that you do not have access to cPanel or Plesk Onyx (if you have Cloud Linux or Windows hosting service) so you do not have a backup of your website. Also, the domain name of your website may not be registrate with your personal data. This results in a potential disagreement or in a desire to stop working with this techician to lose both your website and your domain name.

Below we will see what to take under consideration when we register a domain name.

 You should know, if you buy the domain name from someone who already has it, that he is the legal owner of this domain name.
 You can check through Ahrefs and if it has been used for illegal pursposes or any malicious action in the past
 Search the domain name that you want to get on Google.
 You should check whether the domain name that is available has been registred as a trademark.

 Choose a trusted domain name registrar like 

Once you have purchased a domain name, make sure that whois information has been updated with your personal data. Buying domain name from owners who sell them or from auctions can provide a big profit. But it can have the opposite effect if it does not complete correctly. In order to be the owner of a domain name, your contact information should be registered, but mainly your e-mail.

Choose today from your domain name!