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Malicious attacks take place on websites quite often. These attacks take place through the website in order to install malicious software on your visitors' computers or even make your website have a downtime. There are lot of people that they are doing such things.

The reason that many choose to do these things is to be able to make profit by forking the victims of their attacks. There are two types of criminals, both small and large.

In order to start a criminal act does not need much time. There are many who belong to gangs and do criminal acts of any kind. Several are the attacks that have been made on a website by a criminal. Little is the knowledge that someone needs to have, he just want to know where to look for. In the black market one can easily find malware, there are several hackers who write malware and sell it. Such a move can allow anyone to install the software and download the website remotely. They then forch for money in order to delete the software they installed.

There are, also, the big gangs who makes organized attacks. The actions here are organized, where they may have information from other spies and may have time to do the attack. This is because the profit from these actions is great. These gangs are attacking in order to get information and then large amounts of money. Such attacks may be in the White House, the Pentagon. The techniques they use are:

 Protection rackets
The website is shutting down and then they ask money to open it again.
They illegally encrypt the website's data and they require money in order to send the decryption key.
 Sensitive data theft
Sensitive data may be stolen, like credit card information and personal information about identity, and then a fraud occurs.
 Fraud and disadvantages
Redirect gambling or porn sites to collect fees or even redirect to a fake phising website having as result to get your passwords.
 Install malicious software
They use your websitei in order to install viruses on your computer through your website and send spam email, either start attacks on other websites or they just steal your data.

When attacks are taken place many times can be very profitable. With their profit they invest in the acquisition of the latest software market and continue their action.

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