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joomla hacked
Attacks on websites are very common nowadays. So the security measures are constantly increasing and evolving, but there are still some security gaps that hackers exploit. It is imposible to predict all malicious actions in order to be eliminated, but can be reduced.

How do we realize that malicious code has been added to our website?

  Foreign content on the homepage or modification of the existing.
  Be informed from other people that you send junk mail from our domain name.
  Redirection to gambling sites.

  Always take back up of your website!  

Here are some useful actions we can take in case we need to deal with an attack on our website, which is developed in Joomla.

  The first thing that we have to do, is to update Joomla platform.Older versions is always more vulnerable to attack, so do not delay to update it.
  Moreover, except the update of Joomla, it must be done also the update of all extensions (plugins, modules, components) that it uses.
  Once these updates are made, the next steps is to change the codes which are used in cPanel or Plesk Onyx and FTP. The codes should be strong enough in order to avoid any attack in the future.

Once you follow the steps above, there is one more step which you can make in order to make your website more secure. The thing that can be done is to install security extensions for the Joomla you use, you can see Centrora Security and Securitycheck . These offer a number of options and features in order to secure your Joomla installation, as well as a firewall too!

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