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With the growing use of smartphones, we almost all read our emails from our mobile. Thus, advertising via email has grown enough. Advertising products or services directly to customers via email, is calling email marketing.

Using email to advirtise your company is a simple, quick and inexpensive method. There is the posibility to reach specific types of customers according to the product or service you want to promote. You can also, build relationships with your existing customer group or even get new customers through targeted promotional campaigns. This method is effective enough to promote your business to the general public. through the inNewsletter application enables you to create and send your own campaigns.
Below you will see some useful tips for the newsletter

 Create a field for subscribing to a newsletter 
On your website there should be a point where your visitors can register with their email in order to be updated with your company news. Through this way, you gather emails of those who are interested in receiving a newsletter.

 Creating a relationship with customers 
Building a good relationship with customers is very important in email marketing. The very good relationship makes you able to undestand your customers' needs and as a result to cover their needs. Sending newsletter should be wise and do not send a lot of newsletters in order not to be classified as spam. There is also a possibility to take a respond as the campaign of your company will be more effective if it meets the needs of customers.

 Creating a relationship with new customers 
A very important factor in sending newsletter is to develop relationships with new customers. New customers will expand your company. The advertising through newsletter should be targeted and accepted, in order not to reach the recipient's junk folder or spam folder. The campaign you are sending should be targeted and not sending continuous newsletters, as this will have the opposite effect and will dissatisfy the recipients.

In order a newsletter campaign to be more successful, you need to put yourself in the position of the customer, this will have as result to make you think what would persuade a customer to buy a product or a service. The content of the newsletter should be understandable and descriptive about the service or product. Email advertising will benefit from rising sales in your company following these simple tips.

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