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Each of us now has a mobile phone or more, where probably one device is a smartphone. SMS advertisment option continues to contribute to a large percentage of the market compared to any other mobile advertising tool.

On average, mobile connections are 7.4 billion where almost half are on a non-smartphone phone. This means that SMS targets a larger audience than any other bulk ad activity on a mobile device. But many of them have more than one mobile connection, this means that the number of connections exceeds the number of unique users, where only users are 4.9 billion. Mobile phone providers have reached 90% of the world's population with 2G (GSM / EDGE) networks and only 65% with 3G networks (WCDMA).

Below we will see some statistics about SMS advertising.

Usage of SMS
 Businesses account for 16% of SMS messaging in the world, which is for advertising and informational purposes. The reading of such SMS is quite high as 82.1% report that they open the messages they receive.
 Several are those who have their mobile almost continuously with them, as well as many who say that the first thing they do in the morning is to deal with their mobile phone.

Statics by gender
 Men use mobile phone services more than women. However, women are more interested in communicating via SMS with businesses, such as getting informed about special offers. The difference in percentage is quite high as it accounts for 83% of women compared to 68% of male consumers. But, 78.7% of women are likely not to read an SMS they will receive against 85.7% of the men who will open the message.
 The 48% of both gender would prefer to have the option of being served by a company via text messaging.

Customer perception
 The 64% of customers believe that businesses should use SMS as a way of informing customers more often than they do today. The attention of 70% of consumers gets the use of SMS messages from an organization.
 Four reasons to choose consumer SMS information for a brand are:
    • Coupons or offers (77%)
    • Personal Infromation (50%)
    • Essential content (33%)
    • No need to visit a physical location of company for information (31%)
 Only 17% think that SMS sent by companies is annoying.

Use of SMS marketing
The 89% of businesses using SMS marketing have found this type effective. A significant percentage of 82% of marketers report that they are planning to increase or maintain their SMS marketing costs next year.

A SMS marketing campaign is more efficient when integrated into the total marketing strategy.
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