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wordpress hacked
Everyday we hear that there are several attacks from various hackers with viruses and malicious software that "steal" both codes and other sensitive data. Attacking a website is a common action on several web site owners as well as manageable.

Firstly, we will see how we recognize if our website has been attacked. Below are some elements to identify this attack.

  Any changes of your homepage with foreign content.
  Redirect to websites with inappropriate content.
  News from other people that your domain name is sending junk emails.

  Always keep back up of your website!  

Let's see what action we can take in order to deal with any attack on our website, which is developed in Wordpress CMS.

  A great action is to update your WordPress. If for any reason you were late or forgot to update your Wordpress version, now it should be done on time. There is a risk of re-installing a version that is unlikely to be supported in the near future.
  Once your WordPress version is updated, all plugins, modules, components that your website uses should be updated too.
  After these actions, the codes that your website uses must be strong enough in order to avoid corresponding attack in the future.

You could, after doing the steps above, take one extra step in order to provide more security to your website. A useful solution is to install Wordpress security add-ons for your version, you can see Wordfence and All In One Security And Firewall. These two offer a range of options and abilities to secure your Wordpress installation, as well as a firewall for your website.

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