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cloud hosting
Every website which is on the internet requires a hosting service. What someone has to check is to how take the right service choice. This selection is made between a cloud hosting service or a shared hosting service. How can we make the right choice though?

Website hosting service is a bit complex and it is usual at your first time to be confused. Two of the most common hosting options are cloud hosting and shared hosting. The thing that determines your choice between them is the needs of your website. Let's see what shared hosting and cloud hosting is.

  Shared hosting

In shared hosting, the hosted websites share the same physical server as many other users. In this type of hosting, all websites share the resources that the server provides. Because of this factor, hosting cost at these servers is usually cheaper as well as no special technical knowledge is need from the client in order to anything. However, there are some disadvantages to be seen. Access to this type of web hosting is limited as it is not provided root access. The most important drawback of this choice is the performance of our website, which depends on the resources which are needed by another website hosted on the same server. Some website may have more visitors and it will need automatically more resources than a website whit a low rate of visitors, this will make another website a bit slower.

  Cloud hosting

In cloud hosting, hosted websites use multiple server resources instead of being limited to a single one server. What is being done, is the fact that many servers are connected to each other and act as one server. So if a client's website use this type of hosting and a server is having a problem, his website will continue to be online since it will be hosted by other servers. The resources which are provided are shared for everyone. provides with the posibility for you to choose one of its cloud hosting services with linux functional and through the choice of Elastic Sites Plans to have the resources your website needs.
In order to see which one you have to choose. The best option is cloud hosting in relation to shared hosting, due to its ability to handle high rate of visits, improved secuirity protection and reliability. These additional options have some cost, however if you want to improve your website and achieve a high rate of performance then cloud hosting is a very good option. However, if you do not have a high budget you can choose a shared hosting service and make the update later.

Choose the hosting service that meets your needs through!