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website-downtime When a major part of your business is her website, a downtime whould have a bad reputation to the future of your company's image. The first thought in such a case is the money your company lose in relation to the downtime of your website.

An interruption of your website can cause a loss of money for your company, customer dissatisfaction as well as low rank from the various search engines. As a website owner you have many options to reduce the impact of possible downtimes. Many are the owners of websites that rely on their hosting provider instead of being prepared to face similar situations.

Failure to access of website or downtime may occur for a wide range of reasons. Avoiding these shutdowns or being eliminated is almost imposible. What you can do is to prepare for scheduled or not shutdowns of your website. It is easier to prepare if you are aware of the main causes and know the reasons for its downtime.

Below we will see what are the causes for scheduled and not downtimes and how to be prepared.

  • Scheduled downtimes: This category includes all kinds of software and hardware updates. These in fact cause slow loading time of website or no access on it.
  • Unscheduled downtimes: These interruptions are detrimental for companies. They may be caused by a component failure, by some hacker intervention or may be from a natural disaster at the data center.
 It is very important to backup so that you can restore your website data! 

Seeing the reasons behind these downtimes, let's see what we can do to deal with them.

  • Preparing for scheduled downtimes: A very good and highly professional solution is to let your customers know by e-mail about the downtime of your website. Proper customer briefing will reduce the impact on the length of time they will not have access. It will be a good idea to use the appropriate HTTP code during the downtime (e.g. 503 Service Unavailable, The server is currently unavailable because it is overloaded or down for maintenance, Generally, this is a temporary state ). The appropriate HTTP code will help you maintain your search engine rankings before the downtime.
  • Preparing for unscheduled downtimes: The hosting provider can inform you about the scheduled downtimes, however the unscheduled downtimes is inevitable. Every hosting provider do website monitoring at hosted websites, which is the best way to instantly inform website owner and deal with unscheduled downtime.
Spend some time to manage the downtimes of your website.
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