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Very important in the advertising of the business that wants to succeed in all felds is email marketing. Many are the emails we receive, whether they are advertising or are related to our work. According to this, receiving and sending email is in our daily life.

Several surveys have been carried out and show that the influence of emails on various recipients. Have you ever wondered how many emails are sent daily? 144.8 Billion! But what about these emails? How do users characterize them?

Below we will see some statistics.

 21% of the recipients characterize an email as spam, even if they know that it is not.
 43% of recipients click Spam button based on the sender of the email or th address that this email has.
 69% of recipients report an email as spam based on the content.
 A businessman receives daily enough emails. Almost the 18% of these emails that they received are spam, which are including also actual spam emails and unwanted newsletters, etc.

For a simple user it is just an annoyance, but concerning companies it is not the same thing because they spend large amounts of money in order not to receive spam emails. However, the biggest problem that needs to be addressed in such cases is blacklists. Below we will see the reasons why your IP address join these lists.

 Shared IP address
 Inactive or incorrect email addresses in your list
 Recipient report to receive spam emails
 Use words commonly used in spam emails

In order to avoid registering your IP in such a list, you have to pay attention at:

 Delete the email of recipients, who wants not to receive email, from your list and do not continue to send newsletter.
 Check for security gaps on your company's network as it can be used by hackers in order to send spam emails.

What do you have to do in order your IP address get out of such a list?

The first thought is your IP address to get out of such a list. But how do you achieve that? If you are using an email service provider, you need to contact with the customer support so they can give you directions about your problem. If not, please check that your company's servers have not been compromised. It is quite important to learn why you have entered at a blacklist in order to avoid similar actions in the future. Something that should be mentioned, is the fact that each blackilist has a different procedure in order to your IP address get out.

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