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Most of us we know what the domain name is. But what happen if we get to the final form that appears in our browser? The process of creating a domain name is a bit complicated, followed by one process in order to reach at its final form.

Making a small historical breakthrough, we can see that in 1985 only 6 domain name were registered worldwide. According to the results of Verisign's Q1 2017, 330.6 million domain names have been registered, through these results we can see an increase of 3.7% in domain name registration annually. TLDs are now numerous and are divided into different categories. The tld identifies the site associated with it, this may be the geographical region from which it originates (eg. .gr if it is based in Greece), the organization that owns it (eg. .edu if it is an educational organization) or the purpose of the website (eg .restaurant if it is a restaurant). Each TLD has its own separate registry. For the gTLDs category of TLDs, each registry is managed by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), while the ccTLDs are managed by the registry itself, which belongs to the tld.

Below are the categories of TLDs:

  (Country-code top-level domains (ccTLD))
Each tld belonging to this category identifies a specific country and has two letters. For example the TLD of Greece is .gr.

  (Generic top-level domains (gTLD))
In this category are the most common and well-known TLDs. Here is included ".com" TLD (for commercial organizations) and ".edu" TLD (for educational organizations). Most TLDs belonging to the gTLP category are open to anyone, but there are some TLDs that are strictly controlled before they are registered.

In order to create a domain name, it is neccessary to find a TLD that identifies the activity of our business or the corresponding TLD in the country where the company is located and also a trusted registrar. The domain name registrar is an organization or company that manages the online domain name registration. The domain name registrar must be approved by the registry of each TLD in order to make the registration. is a trusted registrar and provides you with a number of TLDs where you can choose the TLD that suits at your needs.

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