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The more technology evovles, the more things around us are being simplified.Thus, web hosting service from, through the cPanel control panel, gives you the posibility to simply and easily install other applications.'s Cloud Linux hosting services, through cPanel, provide the ability to install applications quick and sipmle. You can install, update, backup and restore your applications without having any special technical knowledge. You can, through a wide range of popular apps, to choose the one that best suits your needs. For each application, you can see reviews, demos and usefull informations which help you to decide.

Some application you can find are:

  WordPress    OpenCart
  Magento  Drupal

See the list of all provided applications. provides you the posibility to choose from a range of more than 440 applications to install with one click the apps you want. For example, if you choose WordPress platform , you can install WordPress themes during the installation. Through the installation process, you can choose if you want the automatically update of your apps in order to have, always, the latest version. Something very important is also the selection of automatic backups of your files in order to be in position to restore your website files quickly and simply if something occur.

In the following picture you can see how these options are displayed, moreover, at WordPress you have additional options.

These options are provided through the Softaculous Premium tool.

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