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The communication viw newsletter with customers is a great way of advertisment. The majority of compnaies, nowadays, use this advertising method. But what if we want to send an email that contains specific information and different for each customer? provides you with the inNewsletter, which is a easy-to-use application through which you can send newsletter and personalized email. But personalized emails is quite time consuming. Through the inNewsletter app, you can create personalized responses and customize them for each customer individually through simple steps quickly and simply. This feature enables the messages to be stored and to have the flexbility to adapt according to each customer's information separate. So, an email looks more personalized to the corresponding customer because of the variables you can add.

Below we will see some simple steps about the creation of an email with the inNewsletter applicaion. Once you enter the app, you click at the top right at your name, then "My settings" and then "Saved Responses" from the left column. Choose "Add Response" on the top right, then appears one window like the picture below.

Then select "Next" and in the window that appears, write the email you want. By using the % symbol displays a list of items (variables) that you can use from each contact, such as name, phone, etc. See below an example of how this can be implemented. The blue-colored items are those that will be replaced with the customer's.

In order to be able to send the email you create, you have to move at "Lists" and select your desired contact and then from the bar at the bottom you have to select the "Send email" option. In the window that opens, select the icon at the bottom right, as shown in the image, select the email and you will see that your contact details have been completed. Then select "Send" and your email was sent.

With this feature, it takes a little time to create an email and then through simple steps you can easily communicate with your customer.

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