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Email marketing is one advertising tools that use several companies to promote their products and services. The biggest fear of those using this way of advertising is their IP or their domain name not to be marked as spam and get into a blacklist.

Blacklists are a nightmare to those who make email marketing. Protection terms may cause problems that may affect your email campaign. Black lists are email lists that use some criteria to check if an IP or a domain name is sending out emails that may be considered as spam. A list of this kind can be created by anyone receiving or editing an email.

Below we will see some reasons why blacklists are creating.

  Complains about spam email
The recipients are the ones who characterize most emails as spam. Each email can be described as deliberate or unintentional as unwanted, even if you take preventive measures.

  If the bounce rate exceeds acceptable
As the bounce rate increases, the chance of getting into a blacklist increases. Bounce email is considered when an email does not reach the recipient and returns.

  Bad reputation of IP
There are several servers and IPs already on a blacklist. If you use a server with a blacklist IP, then you are also on this blacklist. takes care of your own email reputation  

We saw how a blacklist is created, but how do we deal with such a situation? Below we will see some ways.

  IP Address Control
Confirm that your IP is not in a blacklist.

  Contact with your email provider
If you have an email provider then you can communicate with him to help you with your situation.

As long as your protection measures are followed in order to avoid your IP or your domain name entering a blacklist, this fact can not be completely avoided. However, the implications may be reduced. is a trusted email provider that you can trust, as we take care to avoid your IP or your domain name entering a blacklist. Through email hosting services and web hosting services, where email accounts are available, you can try our services and build your business's reputation.

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