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In all businesses there is competition that can be either fair or unfair. When it is legit is also acceptable and helps to understand what each customer wants. But what if it is unfair? Competition is also exists on the internet.

A malicious competitor can "hurt" you via the internet, finding some security gap which will allow him to install malicious software on your website or your online shop. The result of this action, will be either to damage your reputation on your customers or to make money by forcing you in order to remove the software he installed. What you need to do is to take all necessary measures in order to avoid of being in this situation.

Below we will see some useful advice for what you can do.

  Scan your website for malware
We all know the antivirus that scan and detect viruses on our computers. However, there are some other tools that can scan your website and detect malware. Using them we can see what protection or repair it needs.

  Recruit a web-developer for malware detection
If you think you can not scan yourself, you can hire professionals in order to make the process for you and solve if any problem occurs. Be careful, the person who may hire must be trusted and trustworthy.

  Updated web site software
Developers of any software (Joomla, WordPress, etc.) often find and correct vulnerabilities that may exist. What you need to do is make these updates or you're exposed to them.

  Plugins and add-ons of CMS
Most CMS have various plug-ins and add-ons that users use. However, every time such an installation is made, attention should be taken in order to avoid the installation of vulnerable code. Prefer to install plug-ins and add-ons that are well known, because they are updated regularly and are well supported.

  Right choice of web design company
The choice of the company should be correct as it should check all the parameters in order to no security gap exist.

With the website we show the image of our business to our existing or potential customers. As we keep the security measures of our company everyday, we have to do the same with our website. No one wants to see his store some morning and find its door broken, so the website, also, should be shut down in any attack.

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