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Over the past few years, hundreds of new tlds have been created and registrated. But which of these new tlds are most popular? This will be seen from the number of those that were registrated in 2017, thus making an account about their useage for 2017.

Moreover very important, apart from the number of registered domain names with each TLDs, is also the way they are used by each company. Some of these are used to promote the site at another url, such as social media.

Below we will analyze some of the most popular TLDs registered in 2017.

 .club – 900,000+ registrations
A successful TLD is .club, as several registrations have been made. This tld is suitable for many who are looking for a domain name, and this is the reason why this tld has become so popular. Why is this happening? Because it is suitable for sports tournaments, organizations and fan club. What is also important is that the word club is known worlidwide and is used in several countries whether they have English as official lang or not.

 .tech – 300,000+ registrations
The .tech tld is a pretty good idea for domain name registration for technology companies whether they already exist or are startups. The .tech registry has made a good promotion of its tld in various techonological content events in order to promote it.

 .shop – 200,000+ registrations
The easy way with which you can build an online shop today has made the .shop tld quite popular. By registrated a domain name with . shop tld all understand the type of your company.

 .cloud – 100,000+ registrations
The term "cloud" most of us associate it with web hosting services, however, in general it is connected with any service offered on the internet. Thus it is consist a good tld for companies which provide software with the logic of software as a service' (SaaS).

 .live – 100,000+ registrations
A fairly popular tld as it is related to live streaming. It is quite easy to remember a small .live domain name.

You can see the most popular tlds of 2017 by clicking here.

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