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Συμβουλές για domain name
The domain name indicates our business on the internet, so its choice must be done with caution. The first thing a visitor notices is the domain name of our company as the websites that already exists are unmetered. Our goal with domain name is to be different from the majority.

The first online impression on our customers is the domain name, which affects SEO and defines our brand. However, domain name slection is not easy as there is a chance not to choose the right domain name for our business. Many believe that domain name should be the keyword of our company, while others believe that it shoud be simple and short.

Here are some tips in order to choose the most suitable domain name for our business.

  Create a specific domain name rather than a public one
The success in the digital world is to differentiate ourselves from competitors. So our target is our domain name to be special.

  Short domain name
The world wide web is a fast world, so none wants to waste time on one thing only. A short domain name is easy to remember and type in. In this way, we facilitate the internet visitors.

  Easy to pronounce
When a domain name is pronounced easily, it is easy from someone to remember it and thus to tell it both at friends and colleagues.

  Using a keyword
Using the appropriate word in the domain name will help us to have a very good ranking on the search engines. Those who follow this policy report that it is very effective.

  Check social media
If we want social media profiles, we need to check firstly if the profile is available. A domain name may be available for registration, but the corresponding social profile may not be.

Choosing a proper domain name is very important for the online image, which our company want to have in the internet. By following the above tips, we will be able to take a good choice and promote our company's product and services through the internet.

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