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The base of a website is the domain name. When we decide to make a website, the first thing we look for is its domain name. The tld for creating a domain name are enough, so we need to be very careful in order to choose the best possible.

Looking back, we see that internet use has been on the peak in the 1970s along with the rising of email. The logic that existed in the internet could not continue because of its delevopment. So in 1984, the first name server was developed. The next year, the Domain Name System was implemented and through this way the top-level domains were introduced. They include .com, .net and .org . Arriving at present, where there are more than 19 million registered domain names and registrations continues rising.

In order to see what our domain name will be, we need to see what tld we will use. Below we will see the most popular.

It is the most popular tld. Most users know it and do not have anything in order to remember it.

  .gr και .eu
Are two most popular tld's in Greece. Choosing one of these helps you in geo-marketing. When someone is looking for a business bassed in Greece or Europe, for example.

  All the other tld's
If you want to be specific with your business, the you must choose one of the many supported tld's provided by For example, if your business is a restaurant or a bar, you can use a .restaurant or a .bar tld depending on your business.

The tld and the domain name should be chosen correctly in order to create the most appropriate combination for your website, because this will advertise your business. As we have already mentioned in our previous article, we must follow some rules in order to have the best possible outcome for our website. Follow the tips and choose the ideal domain name for your company's online profil.

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