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The use of the internet since it started, is constantly changing. The internet access from mobile phones, the use of social media, cloud services and generally the use of the internet with many personal and professional information needs security and encryption.

Due to the continuous evolution and diversification of users' concerning the use of the internet as well as the exchange of data between different countries have made the direction 95/46/EK, which concerns the protection of personal data, as inadequate. So, it is necessary to change that direction and replace it by a data protection regulation in the European Union(GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation)).

What is the purpose of this regulation? Its establishment aims at protection and freely transferring the personal data of individuals. This regulation concerns all European Union country members in order to have the same policy at this trasmition of personal data.

Below are some examples of some settings that are introduced with the new regulation.

 Implementation of data protection measures by design and by default.
 Notification within 72 hours if any privacy is compromised to the supervisory authority.
 Announce any data breach to the individual concerned.
 Carry out an investigation about the effect of the violation.
 Define a person who is in charge of data protection.
 Imposition of fine at data controler.

This regulation introduces new principles and concepts enchancing the prevention of others, but it creates, also, a culture about the protection of personal data. Concering this regulation, all newsletter lists must be re-created in order to comply with this. provides a reliable and useful tool for sending newsletters to inNewsletter.

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