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Personal data protection is a very important part concering people and companies. Investigations have been carried out on IT infrastructures in business. The results of these investigations are interesting and we will see them below.

In order to take place an investigation, some questions are asked and through this way we get the results we need in order to come to a conclusion. One question that has been said in an investigation is to find out the key challenges facing data protection. See some below.

  Storage management
The information that a business gathers can give it tremendous value. So storage management is a key challenge for its stystem management department.

  Reduce backup/ recovery
The goal is to do backup so with it we can do a recovery if its needed. What needs to be checked, is how we can reduce the needed time in order to these actions be accomplished.

  Manage backup
Once the backup has been done, it should be done in addition to reducing its creation time to be properly managed so that if it is necessary to restore it, it will be very easy.

  Cost management
A very important factor in business is also the cost. It should be as low as possible but equally qualitative.

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