Your Internet Ally

All of us, more or less, everyday use the internet and we visit unmetered websites. Also, enough people have a website and a domain name. But do we know how this works and what is hidden behind it in order to get this result on our screens?

Behind of one domain name and what we see at our url browser is hidden one IP address. The DNS service is the one that "translates" the IP address into a domain name. So, throught the DNS zone we can see varioys information about a website or emails. What we have to be careful with and what changes we must make? Below we will see the 3 points which we have to be careful with.

 NS records
This record change your domain provider, at this your domain name is purchased. This information also appears in the DNS zone.

 MX Records
Mx records are changing at DNS zone and are the ones that affect your email.

 A Record
This record changes from DNS zone and is what your website shows. provides the DNS Hosting service even if you do not have
hosting for your website in our company! 

You have the opportunity to manage your DNS zone, if you have a hosting service at in linux functional through cPanel or in windows operating system via Plesk Onyx. Below you can see how it is on the two platforms.

 Tip: You can see both the status and direction for any errors of each domain name you have through intoDNS.IntoDNS can not control subdomains.

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