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It's crucial for our website to have backups. We all understand the importance of this, but we neglect to do it. Keeping backups from the website helps us when something happens to our site, such as attack by a malicious user.

When we build a website we invest both in money and in time and we definitely do not want to lose the data of our website. Many of us create a backup within the same server and in the same folder as the site. This is a risk and the reason is that when you upgrade and fix the security gap that you probably existed, you think the site is now safe, but is it actually safe? Having your backup folder on the same folder as the website is not what is proposed because the files that exist there continue to have the security space, so the data can be stolen.

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Below we will see how we should do a proper backup.

  Backup folder
Backup folder should be in a complitely different position from the site and the server.
  Chosing the hosting provider
The hosting provider you choose will make the backup of your website. By choosing as your hosting provider you have a dailty backup of your website.
  Backup control
When we create a backup file, we need to test it to see that it is done properly. In case that a reinstatement is needed.

Your website is quite important to you and your business. Having a backup and being able to cope with anything that can happen is of the utmost importance. Choose as your hosting provider, where we keep a daily backup for you.

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