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Sending a newsletter about advertising products and services is quite popular. Several professionals have turned to this mode of advertising because it is quite economic. But how effective are these campaigns about the target audience?

In order to be able to see the interest of our contacts for the campaign we run, we can use labels. So, if we use labels, we can easily segment our list. For example, we can see which contacts often read newsletters and who do not. Knowing this detail will improve the reading of our newsletter. Also, other types of emails can be used where they can be targeted to the needs of the individual customer.

Το provides you the inNewsletter application where you can have this feature.

Below is an picture of how an automation appears in the inNewsletter application.

From the menu you select the "Automations" category, create the automation and then on the right you select "Active".

Knowing the interests of our contacts, we can tailor our newsletter to be more targeted. A great way to personalize newsletters is to filter our clientele. How is this done? The better we realize and understand the needs of the individual customer, the more easily we can target their needs and motivate the interest of our products or services. Competition leads us to the conclusion that our work must be such as to interact with our clientele. Such a move will result in more tempting content for them and better jobs for us. In this way, both sides are won.

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