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The cPanel platform is the best platform for market management and is offered by to all Cloud Linux hosting services, with new PHP publishing options and Python and Ruby application installation. gives you the opportunity to choose the version other than PHP that already existed, plus Python and Ruby on Rails, as well as make additional settings for them through cPanel. You can install the corresponding version using the appropriate application, as shown below.


Select the "Select PHP Version" application and as shown below you can change the version of PHP, along with some extra features.

If you want to install a Ruby on Rails application, you can choose the version you want and install additional gems in the application environment, select the "Setup Ruby App" application and see the features which we mentioned.


Finally, if you want to install a Python application, you can choose the version you want, as well as install additional features in the application environment, respectively, in the "Setup Python App" application. The application uses mod_passenger for maximum performance.


The CloudLinux operating system, combined with cPanel, supports the above capabilities and has contributed to overcoming the major difficulties that arose when someone wanted to use a different version of PHP, Python or Ruby on Rails respectively. In this case, the migration to a VPS server was a one-way route, and now with the use of CloudLinux OS, it is done through simple applications fast and simply.

Check out the renewed shared hosting services and choose the one that suits your needs better.