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We live everyday in a rush to achieve everything and our obligations are growing. This has as consequence to neglect some things or moving them over. Several people, for business or for personal reasons, have a domain name. But do we renew it in time?

Most businesses associate their brand name with the domain name. So, to get someone a domain name is addressed to a domain name registrar company. But we have to be careful about the company that we choose as it should be a trustworthy and reliable company. The worst thing that can happen, although rare, is to buy someone else first the domain name that we want, if we do not make the payment immediately and then he will want to sell it to us with a larger amount than the first price in order to make a profit. But another thing that can happen and is the most common is that after you registrate it, you may forget to renew it after the end of the duration for which you made the initial registration.

  Choose as a trusted registrar.  

Below we will see some reason why domain name owner does not renew.

  He does not know ar has forgotten the email that has been registered for the domain name. This has as effect of not receiving the email that indicates that the domain is ending and not renewing it.
  It has received the email from the registrar but ignores it or neglects it so that it will not be renewed.
  The person who was responsible for the domain name has left from the company and no other has access to his email.
  The domain name owner is not the same person with the email owner that has declared when the registration is taking place.
  The domain name owner does not have enabled the automatic renewal, or the credit card that has been declared has expired and has not charged.

A very good solution is to renew your domain name for a long time in order to minimize the changes of neglecting its renewal. The domain name consists a very important part of our company and our presence on the internet, so we must not let it expire.

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