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Most website owners use a shared hosting service. On some websites there is a greater need for resources, as a result to go beyond from the things what are provided. The first thought is to change into to VPS, there is a better solution which is the Elastic Sites Plans.

Researches has been done on hosting providers who report that the shared hosting service change solution for customers who are in need of more resources in VPS is very bad. Usually customers who change into VPS require more support and are most likely to cancel it at the end. Upgrating to VPS may cost up to 50% extra from the cost of the hosting service. Cloud Linux hosting providers, which limit and provide resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) to each customer, provides hosting services with guaranteed resources as an alternative solution to VPS. This alternative solution is the best choice for the customer as well as it has a lower cost. provides at all CLoud Linux hosting services the choice of Elastic Sites Plans. You can choose RAM and CPU that cover your needs!
Below are some issues taht arrise with VPS.
 High cost
 It requires a lot of support
 It requires a lot of support
 Difficult to keep the server safety

Benefits of Elastic Sites Plans.
 More resources without additional management
 You do not have to learn anything new about managing the hosting service
 Lower cost

So why does a customer to prefer Elastic Sites Plans rather than a VPS? The following table shows the comparison between Elastic Sites Plans, unmanaged VPS and managed VPS.

Solution typeElastic Sites Plansunmanaged VPSmanaged VPS
Resources (CPU, RAM, Entry Processes)CustomizableCustomizableCustomizable
Server managementManagement from provider

Easy and automated
Management from userManagement from provider
SecurityIsolation from other accounts*

Security is provided by the provider
Isolation from other accounts*

Security procedure must be done from the user
Isolation from other accounts*

Security is provided by the provider
BackupsIncludedNot includedOften included
Uptime monitoringIncludedNot includedIncluded
User access control levelShared hosting accountsRoot accessRoot access
(Depends on the provider)
Cost to providerLowMediumHigh
Cost to userLower than unmanaged VPSLowHigh
*Cloud Linux CageFS isolates each client to a separate Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE), which allocates and limits server resources (such as RAM, CPU and Entry Processes).

The stability that was once available only to a VPS, now with Cloud Linux is more posible for hosting providers to provide Elastic Sites Plans. They give the user the resources they need without having the management costs of a VPS server. Hosting providers report that by changing into Elastic Sites Plans, contrary to VPS, there is higher perfomance, fewer support requests, fewer mnagement issues and greater customer satisfaction.

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